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Gemini might be the biggest joke of crypto exchange companies in this country. I wouldn't invest a dime with these crooks after the GEMINI EARN. In Oct they told Genesis they were ending the Earn program in 30 days. The only problem is they failed to inform their Earn clients of this. Check out this post from u/jmg that provides some great discussion/ information. His basic conclusion is "lending crypto always has risk, but. And Gemini will not accept it for the Earn users. Gemini has tried for many months to resolve this dispute with Genesis, but Genesis has. Genesis won the round of motions to dismiss over the T2 Collaterals (see

completely agree. signed up with them in , was very happy with their service, and planned to use them for the long haul. this earn. Gemini knew of Genesis problems and began withdrawing money while encouraging Earn customers to invest, and lied about exposure to FTX as it. Good to know Earn seems to be a decent choice. Gemini is my preferred exchange, although I have an issue with a wire transfer that has yet to be. I'm switching some of my savings from a basic bank into Gemini Earn via GUSD. I want to avoid having to pay taxes on the amount I profit so I. If anyone has money invested in a DCG product or on Gemini I would highly recommend that you take some risk mitigation. One or both parties may. Gemini: Gemini is a digital asset exchange Is this legit or a scam? Discussion. r/Gemini My mom had some GUSD and Bitcoin in the Gemini earn program. I am concerned about the 2 years waiting to get the rest of our money Does it mean we will reach % in 2 years? I traded flawlessly on Gemini before Earn. But I see no point in giving business to a restaurant than served me poisoned cake, even if their. If Gemini is indeed requiring users to wait days to withdraw crypto purchased with funds via wire (despite user agreement only saying 1. Lots of folks not involved in Earn have had CS, acct lock, and current problems. Some think 10% on a CC gasoline buy makes Gemini worth dealing. I keep getting emails stating I will get my crypto back from earn but I haven't received anything yet. What are they doing? Discussion.

Remove r/Gemini filter and expand search to all of Reddit Don't fall for Gemini Earn. It's a scam Scam scam scam. Comment Image. Upvote 1. I feel that crypto in general has benefited by milking the whole mistrust in traditional banks. And Gemini Earn was also a bank. I'm aware of the difference between liquidity issues and insolvency issues - I kept money in Gemini Earn because I didn't want to add to the. It took three weeks to do what they asked but either no response or asked further questions. I found out Gemini had merchandise issue(crypto. I am confused as to how is Gemini not claiming part of responsibility in this whole Gemini Earn / Genesis mess. I strongly feel like Gemini. Gemini is great. The ONLY issue I have experienced with them is their on-boarding bank process. It's broken and awful and they should be bright. r/Gemini: Gemini is a digital asset exchange and custodian that allows customers to buy, sell, and store digital currencies. This is not about the. We need to get paid back in our crypto, not fiat. Currently, the Gemini Earn strategy took a snapshot of our account value on a specific date. Seriously unbelievable. I know what's been going on with the Gemini Earn program, and certainly with FTX (though I've never personally used.

It was my 2nd exchange, and I closed all the others after I got here. Gemini Earn and the upcoming credit card have me even more invested in. However, Gemini continues to review the Amended Plan to ensure that it treats Earn users properly and that none of the changes in the. I like Gemini and amongst cefi lending would feel optimistic about Earn vs its competitors. That said in this environment I don't feel. completely agree. signed up with them in , was very happy with their service, and planned to use them for the long haul. this earn. Gemini cannot keep any potential “extra” on top of what will be distributed to EARN users. The positive here is that Gemini actually managed.

Gemini Earn is nothing but a passthrough to Genesis, which you couldn't use otherwise unless you qualify as an institutional investor. The risk. They did this to me too. No explanation. Money still trapped in Earn. I will say that they've been very responsive to my customer service emails. Gemini Earn is amazing. You can get % on GUSD alone. It is my favorite crypto app. There was much fewer coins than CB but the app is solid. Why is ANYONE continuing to use Gemini. They are a disaster and from their behavior with the earn users, would NEVER use them again. Pull all. I liked Gemini Earn too before it went bust. I still have their credit card and use it for the occasional gas and food rewards but I know damn.

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